The grand building on Church Street in Martinsville that was originally the home of the First National Bank of Martinsville in 1966 went through many name changes over the years. Unless another banking institution decides to locate in the “A class” structure with bank vault and all the bank accommodations, it will end as SunTrust. The doors officially closed Tuesday, November 28th at noon.

Friday, December 1st, the new branch office at 250 Commonwealth Blvd. W., in Martinsville, will open. The new building is in the parking lot of the former Liberty Fair Mall, converted to a strip mall and renamed the “Village.”

The Church Street building is owned by Southeast STB Portfolio, LLC in Atlanta, GA. Bloomberg lists them as starting operations in 2007 with the purpose of renting, buying, selling and appraising real estate. Space is available in the basement and on all three floors. Rental for the first floor, is listed at $171,200 per year.

(Workers emptying Old SunTrust Building Uptown – Photo by bwyatt)