The National Retail Federation estimates 1 in 2 Americans considered shopping over the Thanksgiving Day weekend and for the first time in the history of retail, more of it is being done online than at physical stores.

Assuming you still have some shopping to do, there are some tips to keep your online shopping safe –

  • Download the app from the store you want to buy from, it’s more secure.
  • Watch out for bogus apps, use the official app store only.
  • Don’t click on the links in junk emails.
  • Look for the “https” connection when you place your order. If it just says, “http” it’s not secure.
  • Finally, use best practice with your passwords, namely – use a random generator, different passwords for every account, two-factor authentication, and a good password manager like LastPass to keep track of your different logins.

Now everyone, stay safe out there!