Repaving Uptown is complete. Drivers have been dodging raised manhole covers, water line valves, and bumps. Complaints of front-end and tire damage have been reported. This reporter sustained a flat tire as a result of a “picking up a nail” according to the repair center.

J.Joyce Trucking and Paving milled up most of the streets first and then couldn’t get asphalt from the asphalt factory. Once the asphalt became available, rainy weather stymied the project.

New pavement has now been installed on Main Street from Clay to Moss and on Church Street from Moss to Starling Avenue. Clay Street has a new surface from Church to Main. Ford and Jones streets have a new top as well as parts of Lester, Walnut, Bridge, and Franklin Streets.

Paving Uptown has not been done since the late 70’s.