FedEx and USPS – a losing combination

I order a piece of equipment and have it shipped by FedEx ground. I get a tracking number from FedEx. FedEx didn’t deliver my package to me even though I listed a physical business address for delivery. Instead, they delivered it to the local Post Office on Spruce Street.

Tracking information from FedEx says it’s “out for delivery” and will “arrive by the end of the day.” The end of the day came and my package never arrived. No note on the door, nothing.

Updated tracking information online said, “Customer was not available or business was closed, 3:30 PM).” The business was indeed open and I was present at the time of attempted said delivery. The notice says for me to “contact my local Post Office to arrange for re-delivery or pickup.”

The Post Office no longer has a local number. If you call it you get a recorded message saying the number dialed is no longer available. The published number for our local Post Office is now a toll-free number. I called it. My issue required me to speak with someone. “Estimated wait, 55 minutes to one-hour and 5 minutes.”

24 hours after the USPS supposedly tried to deliver my package to my opened business they deemed closed, I decide to drive to the Post Office on Spruce Street to find out how I can get my delivery. I’m told “the carrier has it” and would be back at 4:30 PM, but she is on College Street right now and I could just find her and ask her for it as long as I didn’t scare her.” I’m not kidding.

So… I drive to College Street 6 minutes away and there is no mail carrier. I run a couple of errands and get back to the Post Office just after 4:30 PM. They retrieve the package from the carrier and hand it to me.

A day late and an hour and a half of my time wasted from a business whose costs have skyrocketed, utilizing the Post Office whose quality standards of carriers continues to diminish, and the options for customer service continue to be more and more limited.


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