Hot Dogs, Cigarettes, and Chicken Bones

“Second place is just the first place loser.” Dale Earnhardt Back in the late 60’s, the father of a friend of mine worked at the Martinsville Speedway during race week.

The Case of “Win AND Lose”

The trial resumes today in the case of a Henry County couple. The wife is suing her husband of 58 years for going left instead of right in an effort to avoid a collision.

A Most Bizarre Response

Last week the Police Chief and the Commonwealth’s Attorney held a press conference, apparently feeling the need to be proactive about Martinsville being named the community with the highest rate of dr

You’ve Been Hacked!

While on Facebook yesterday, a Facebook friend sent me an invitation to attend a Cyber Security Seminar in April. It’s a couple of hours long and is being given by the New College Institute.

Reasons and Regrets

“And No One Heard at All, Not Even the Chair” … Neil Diamond “I am, I said” or so said Neil Diamond in the song by the same name.

Before Earhart

Growing up I believed there was one famous female aviator, Amelia Earhart. My history books in school included no mention of anyone else.

The Fastest Car Wins

The Indy Star published an article last year that offered five theories as to why attendance at NASCAR races is on the decline across the country.

A Blessing or a Curse?

Friday last week, just after Donald Trump became President Trump, it started to rain. The rain began to fall just as Trump began his inauguration speech.