Reasons and Regrets

“And No One Heard at All, Not Even the Chair” … Neil Diamond “I am, I said” or so said Neil Diamond in the song by the same name.

Before Earhart

Growing up I believed there was one famous female aviator, Amelia Earhart. My history books in school included no mention of anyone else.

The Fastest Car Wins

The Indy Star published an article last year that offered five theories as to why attendance at NASCAR races is on the decline across the country.

A Blessing or a Curse?

Friday last week, just after Donald Trump became President Trump, it started to rain. The rain began to fall just as Trump began his inauguration speech.

Sweet Songs and Movie Stars

I was standing next to the director on the set. We were waiting for Lucille Smith to arrive. I had no idea who Ms. Smith was, I just knew she was late.

Hot Dogs and Rate Cards

For sure twenty years ago the rate for a 30-second radio spot was $5.50. I know because I’m looking at the rate card.